From time to time I like to write about one of my projects, or new technologies or concepts I have tried.

There are two main reasons why this blog exists:

Firstly, experience has shown me many times that people who have freshly learned something, are the ones most capable of teaching their new insights to others. Therefore I hope to be able to spread knowledge in an understandable way with these blogs.
Maybe I have made some mistakes in the process of trying something and you can now avoid these.

Secondly, these posts help me reflect on a project and to consolidate the new skills I have learned. They mostly serve as a final conclusion to something I have worked on for several weeks or months and summarize what I have learned and how to replicate what I have achieved.

Code your Coding Guidelines

Roslyn Analyzers and how to use them with Unity


A basic introduction to Roslyn Analyzers for analyzing C# code and how to integrate them with the Unity game engine...

Deep Reinforcement Learning

OpenAI's Gym and Baselines on Windows


How to get OpenAI's Gym and Baselines running on Windows, in order to train a Reinforcement Learning agent using raw pixel inputs to play Atari 2600 games...

Explained In A Minute - Neural Networks


The accompanying blogpost to my YouTube video Explained In A Minute: Neural Networks. Here I go into more detail about things that did not fit into the video...

Explained In A Minute - Explained


The story of how my YouTube series of short explainer videos, Explained In A Minute, came to be and what I am planning to do with it in the future. It explains the details of what I am trying to achieve with these videos and which software I am using to create them...