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Beside my professional work as a software-developer, I also like to code in my free time. Here you can find a selection of my previous projects sorted by technology and relevance.


At present, C# is the language I feel most confident with. It is the second programming language I learned, after Java and I am programming with it since 2013, mainly as part of my Unity projects. In the past I also contributed to the open-source projects of the .NET-Foundation, primarily by helping develop ILVerify. During my internships at Dynatrace and Redox I was able to gather both professional software- and game-development experience.


I really enjoy sharing knowledge, which is why I started uploading explainer and tutorial videos to YouTube. They generally enjoy great attention. One of my videos has even surpassed half a million views.


I started programming with Java in 2012. I have developed many small projects with it mainly in my free time during high-school. I also participated in two internships at the University of Klagenfurt where I was able to gather experience developing different Java applications.


In the course of my studies, I was also trained in basic web-development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL. In order to strengthen these skills I implemented some web-based projects in my free time.