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Explained In A Minute

Explained In A Minute is a series of very short explainer videos, which aims at explaining complicated technical principles in a straight-forward and simple way. I create the entire animation and voice over of these videos myself.


I started the series with an explanation of feedforward Neural Networks. When I learned about Neural Networks I always thought that the explanations I read were over-complicating things. There was such a great interest in Deep Learning and Neural Networks at that time by the general public, but I still saw a lot of students who thought they weren't good or educated enough to be able to grasp the principle of Neural Networks. I felt that there was a lot of potential not being utilized here, so I decided to take it into my own hands.

You can watch the playlist of all Explained In A Minute videos right here, or on YouTube. My plan is to keep releasing videos of this type, explaining other seemingly complicated topics, such as Machine Learning, Backpropagation or the C# compilation process. However, the animations and research takes quite a while, especially since I am a coder, not an animator and I am still producing these videos in my limited free time. So don't expect a video every week ;)

Time of Development:

End 2017 - ongoing