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Blocked is a 2D top-down zombie-shooter in which you fight against multiple waves of zombies. I created the entire engine and all assets of this game myself.


Blocked originates from one of my Java projects, which I continued working on as my first MultiMediaProject at the University of Applied Sciences FH-Salzburg.
After each wave of zombies you can restock your inventory at the ingame store: New weapons, ammunition or barricades for blockading strategic points. Your goal is to survive as long as possible.


The player is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse, while nearly all key bindings can be rebound in the ingame options menu. After each wave you can buy new items at the store with the points you earned during the wave. Besides weapons and ammunition you can also buy barricades, with which you can blockade doors. Zombies that encounter a blocked door on their way will first search for another path. If this path is too long though, they will start destroying the door.


You can choose between two maps in which you will fight to defend your life. The maps differ in difficulty as well as length:

"Abandoned Factory":
An abandoned factory-site. Big halls, that once used to hold huge machines in them.

"Remote Shack":
A cabin far from civilization, surrounded by forest. Perfect for a zombie-apocalypse, right?

In your fight against zombies, you can choose between 8 weapons from 3 different categories (Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles). Each weapon category uses its own ammo type. Every weapon behaves differently: Not only shot-speed, shot-mode, magazine-size, damage, reload-speed or range differ, but even the empty shells and magazines that you leave behind after firing a weapon are different for each weapon.

But not only the player is leaving his marks. Hit zombies will start to bleed. As well as leftover shells and magazines, blood will also stay on the floor for the entire duration of the game. This way you can spot strategic points and even which weapons the player used, just by looking at the leftovers on the floor.

You can also find Blocked in the MultiMediaTechnology Portfolio.

Time of Development:

Late 2015 - Mid 2016